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The Virgin Islands Videogame Network host some of the greatest video game events in the Virgin Islands. Our events can be tournaments where participant compete for prizes to launch parties celebrating the launch of a new game release and anything in between. We even help other gamers host their own events. 

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Smash Bros Ultimate and Brawlhalla Tournament


This was our first tournament / Event at our new location, the VIVN Videogame Lounge. Also was the first time doing two tournaments at the same time. Participants had a chance to compete in either Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Brawlhalla. Trophies and prize money was given out to the 1st place winners of each tournament. There was also a raffle for additional prizes.

Carnival Smash Bros. Tournament


We kicked off St. Thomas 2019 Carnival with a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament. Participants competed for a number of prizes including gift cards to local gaming store MIckey Mania.

Check out the vlog that features the event HERE

Resident Evil 2 Let's Play Live 


This event featured one of our local talent playing the remastered version of Resident Evil 2 as guest experienced the game in a cinema type setting. Guests also participated in our raffle that featured numerous prizes as we as a photoshoot featuring two ZOMBIES!

Check out the vlog that features the event HERE

Super Smash Bro. Ultimate Launch Party


We celebrated the launch of the latest installment in the Super Smash Bros franchise. This event allowed participants to get a chance to play the game for the first time as well as take part in our raffle in a party like setting.


Check out the vlog that features the event HERE 

COD: Black Ops 4 Launch Party


This was our first official event. It celebrated the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and  allowed participants to play the game in a party environment .

Partnered Events 

VIGT's Dragonball Fighters Z Tournament 


This tournament featured the popular fighting game Dragonball Fighter Z and was sponsored by VIYA! Participants competed to win multiple prizes. The event was held at a local bowling spot.

Dragonball Fighters Z Tournament @ Mil 2.0


This was our first event. It is responsible for inspiring us to do our own events. The tournament featured the hit fighting game Dragonball Fighters Z. Participants in this competed for a chance to win a trip to Puerto Rico to take part in a bigger tournament.

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