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At the heart of the VIVN community is our Discord server, where you can connect with gamers across the Caribbean and the United States.


To connect to Discord click HERE


Here is a breakdown on the main and featured channels: 


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The info text channels gives you a nice welcome, lets you know all the rules, and help you keep up with VIVN events, giveaways, and more.

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Our text channels are broken down into several categories:

#👥-general-chat (general conversation around a video games)

#🎬-game-clips (poster video game clips here)

#📥-suggestion-box (any suggestions for the Discord or VIVN can go here)

#🔗-link-up (Looking for people to play with? You can ask for squadmates here)

#🗣️-off-topic-central (any non video game conversation)

#🎮-gamertags (drop your gamertag)

#🍖-food (pictures on conversation based on food)

#📡-going-live (if you are a video game streamer and you're about to go live you can post your link here.)

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All our games specific text channels. Here you can chat specifically about the game you're interested in. New channels are added based on interest.

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With our voice channels, you can chat live voice with anyone in the community as well as play or listen to music from YouTube. *Ask mods for permission before playing music.

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For chill video game music with a jazzy twist head over to 🎶theGHOST Chill Lounge

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Text and voice channels specific to the IsaacBoyz podcast.

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Get live commentary on the UFC fights from the IsaacBoyz on this voice channel.

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