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How to Play

Once you're signed up as a supporter, you will get a link to our UFC Pick'em room.

Whether you're a gaming veteran or trying something new, UFC Fight Pick'em is easy to play. We ask you questions about the fight, you pick the winners. Each matchup will have between two and four answer choices. Correct answers are worth 10 points. The matchups are subject to change. Be sure to check your picks before they lock (lock time is indicated on each matchup card).

When a matchup goes final, assuming you made the pick, you'll either get it correct (10 points), incorrect (0 points) or there will be a push where no points are awarded because the matchup was cancelled. Your groups and the leaderboard will update as the matchups are scored. One more thing: there's no need to reload the page as the "Make Picks" tab will auto-refresh.

Best score at the end wins.

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